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A Damn Good Kisser Book 2

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For Hire a Damn Good Kisser 2 - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online. Hello. Kung may book 2 siya well that would be a good news.. It was . Reading a damn good kisser made me wish I was Dana (haha!) and there were lots of twist. For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser and Good Girl Gone Bad.

Ang bitter mo kasi.. Don't dare mention his name. I don't like hearing loser's name. Dito ka lang ha? Tatawagin ko lang si Sara.. Between the three of you, you're the only one i didn't get the chance to kiss. Kung wala si Sara, ano kaya ang nangyari? Now i know why Sara is in-love with this guy. I kissed him passionately but he's not responding so i stopped. I'm about to. I saw someone, particularly a girl, crying. I can't see her face clearly, so i can't recognize her. She slapped Dave.

Just great. Another relationship ruined by none other than DK Ferrer. She faced me. She's angry. I can feel it. Why should i believe in you? Do i even know you? That hurts. As far as i'm concerned, we don't know each other. So don't talk as if you know me, relationship-wrecker! She hit a nerve. Don't talk to me as if you know me. You have no fcking idea what the sht i've been through.

I'm crying. Fck this. Oh my God. Should i thank you for giving me a title? That's so nice of you. Kung hindi, malamang kasama ka pa din ng ex mo sa kangkungan. Mga pulubi. She crossed the line. You drugged me! I drugged you. But it's only mild.

I don't know you're a baby. Well, technically my ex-bestfriend. All thanks to you. Let's drink? I don't want to go in there. Bad vibes.

For Hire a Damn Good Kisser 2

I hate her! Come on, it's still early. It's only 11 p. This will be a long night. You're bringing me in there? That place is illegal! Shut up. The real fun is in there. The place is wild. Much wilder than Area06, i must say. You're seriously freaking me out. First, you're doing drugs. Now, you're.

What's for next? You're touring me in your hide-out? Now he's laughing real hard. I can't help it. Your assumptions are fcking funny. I'm overreacting. Can you blame me? Of course not! I hate the feeling of being laughed at. Am i a clown? I'm sorry. I'll stop. I raised a brow. If you don't want trouble, just shut your mouth and let me hold your hand, okay?

I stopped talking. Maybe he's right. This place is troublesome. The people are doing drugs. The others are doing sex. My private room. The room was dark and spacy and with bed! Are you bringing prostitutes in here? Tell me, is my question that funny? It's wild. And i like it. What's new with that? Stop spoiling the fun.

His hand is in my bra, unhooking it. He stopped.

Thanks God. Don't act as if you're an innocent Virgin Dana. You'll love what we'll do. I swear.

I am no longer a virgin but i do consider sex as a sacred thing. Now, if you want to get laid, go and call a prostitute. Suite yourself, a hole. Then we started drinking. Unlike before, my alcohol tolerance is not as low as before. I can drink five bottles and i'm still normal. I think that's the effect of having bars as your second home.

You get immuned. I'm not stupid. What kind of drug? But it's mild though. Want some? I lost count. While drinking, we kissed. That's normal. I think. I mean, what's wrong with kissing? I can kiss whoever i want. It's not like i'm doing sex with them. Like i told Josh. I need to go home, i don't want to sleep in here. I can't drive. I'm drunk. I'll go home alone. I'm kinda dizzy but i really don't want to sleep here. You'll know what i mean when you see this place. I went out, i can't drive so i'm waiting for a cab.

I was about to go to a nearbly bench but my head is spinning badly. Then i passed out. I tried to sit down but i can't. What's the matter with me? Ano ba kasi ang ginagawa mo dito? Planning to rape me again? This time in a hospital? Just fcking great, Andrei Guzman. I'm trying to sound cool but truly, my head is aching.

It's killing me. I'm tired of hearing explanations and i'm tired of forgiving those people who hurt me. I realized that people don't deserve second chances. Fck it! My arms! Aminin mo sa sarili mo na kailangan mo ng tulong, hindi mo kaya ng nag iisa..

Kinuha mo na yung dignidad ko, pati ba naman pride? Ganun ka na ba ka selfish, ha?! Ilang beses ko ba uulitin? Ilang beses ba ako hihingi ng tawad bago mo ako patawarin? Ilang beses ba ako mag eexplain bago mo ako pakinggan? Sabihin mo kasi sawang sawa na ako sa pagsigaw mo sa'kin.

Nahihirapan na ako tuwing pinapaalis mo ako. At nasasaktan ako kasi alam kong ako yung dahilan kung bakit ka nagkakaganyan.. The next thing i know, he's crying. I just stare at him and let him cry. I don't know. I can't move. I feel nothing. I-i can't explain myself. Why are you crying? Now, i'm the villain in my own story. I just remembered something. I better go. What have you done to my daughter?

I won't download it. Why am i here? Ganun ka ba magpasalamat? Sasampalin mo siya? Alam kong may problema ka simula nung nagbreak kaso ni Cyriel, pinabayaan kita pero hindi ko naman alam na aabot ka sa ganito.. You'll stay in our house or help me God, i'll disown you! So, it's official. Dana Kathryn Ferrer is broke. No money, no car, no lover, no friends.

Lucky me, right? Kinuha niyo na yung phone ko, pati ba naman telephone?! I was trying to dial Kim's number and invite them to come over our house since i am grounded and God knows, this silence is killing me! Cold treatment? How long will it last, huh? I've been here for 1 week, mom! One fcking week with no one to talk to. Do you have any idea how hard it is? To know that she's troubled and that she didn't. Don't speak as if you're concerned. All you cared about is your business.

And dad? He's not around. He's always not around. All work and no play makes your daughter a bad girl. Remember that, MOM. She cried. Then walked out. Everytime i speak, someone cries. Am i that heartless? Is being honest a crime? I was just trying to explain myself, but everytime i do, someone is getting hurt. Maybe lying is a better option. I was at the kitchen, pigging out for lasagna.

I want it eat it badly. I'm starving for foods lately. I don't know, maybe eating is my only consolation here in our house. No internet, no phone, no television. Eating is my only way of surviving. Where are you? I'm really pigging out, and i've been gaining weight. Damn it. I immediately went outside.

Hearing that i have a visitor feels so good to my ears. For the first time, someone came over. Alleluia for that. Old school. And you don't belong to my list.. And neither are you. You, too, already lost my trust. Including my respect. Truth be told, your mother is the first villain in your dream life. Talk to that lady. Try to put some sense in her crooked mind. I opened the door, "Come in and let's get this started.

I went near him and kissed him. Then i slipped my hand inside his shirt and started pulling it, signalling him to take it off. But he didn't, so i did it myself. I kissed his cheeks, down to his neck, down to his collar bone while i took his shirt off. We kissed harder.

Hard enough that the next thing i know, I was on top of him, cathing my breath. I gape at his eyes and started removing my shirt but, "What do you think are you doing? This is what you want, right? I'm giving it to you. Just quit playing games with me after this. I'll just come over tomorrow. I respect. I just thought you don't want baked mac. I placed it on the table. See you tomorrow. For the past 4 days, he's here. Visiting me. Bringin foods. Yada yada. Who do he think he is?

My suitor? Oh please! I heard that you're bored in here so i asked auntie if i could bring you outside, on my expense.. He did that? Your plan is great, minus the fact that you'll be my chaperone. You guys always think that i'm mean, heartless, ruthless etc. But you know what? When you get to experience. I didn't get the chance to ask you out before so i'm doing this now.

The heck?

I can't believe that this is happening. Andrei Guzman, the guy that i loathe, will be my first date? Jarred never asked me out on a date. That jerk. Andy, well, he admitted that he didn't date me before. So, technically speaking, Andy will be my first date? Oh God!

This can't be happening! If i'll say yes, that'll make this guy happy. And i don't want that. But if i say no, this day will be another fcking boring day. And i hate it. Continue lying, i'll listen. Just smile when you don't want to listen. You're not the first girl that asked out on a date. That's what you want to hear, right? Now, go out with me, will you?

Thanks for bringing me here. I missed hanging here. So i shopped till i dropped. You know this feeling? It's heaven. The person who said that money can't download happiness doesn't know the pleasure.

I bought dresses, tops, shorts, pairs of shoes, bags, accessories, name it, i bought it. This is what i call life. No problem, just pleasure. I even bought Galaxy Tab. I think i spent a hundred thousand.

We'll see how his father will react. Then he drove this time to a hotel. What are we doing in a hotel? Magche check in kami? Oh please. Hindi pa rin siya nagbabago.. Then he burst into laughter. As in burst. Kulang na lang magpagulong gulong siya sa sahig para makatawa. Kasi naman, ang dumi dumi ng isip mo.

Hindi naman tayo magche check in eh, may pupuntahan lang tayo. Nasosobrahan ka na yata sa panonood ng porn movies eh.

Ipapakilala mo ako sa parents mo? You've got to be kidding, Guzman. They are curious. Lagi akong wala sa bahay, tinatanong nila kung ba ako nagpupunta.

Help me. Why are you scared, by the way? It's not as if they'll eat you alive. Now i know the feeling of meeting your future parents-in-law. Not that i'm saying that. The bridal-style?

All the books I've collected during my last year in my college.

This is humiliating! I'm not going in there! I swear, you'll pay for this. Baka isipin nila rapist ang anak ng may ari ng hotel na 'to. That'll be a big news. Kung alam ko lang, binili ko sana lahat ng nakita ko kanina. If i just knew..

I should've bought that diamond. Malapit na tayo. I'm not a fan of fancy restos. I prefer fastfoods. Ang tagal kasi ng fine dining, samantalang sa fastfoods, mabilis na, mura pa. Talk about being practical. Louie must really like you. He's blushing.. I'm lost. Since when did he start wooing me? Tell me! He is my friend.

He must be fooling when he told you that he's courting me. Andy is a silly guy. He loves fooling around What's your full name, iha? As in. I'm pretty sure Andy will look like this when he turns 40 or so. Let's order. This is awkward. Paano ko sasabihin na nakilala ko ang anak nila dahil iniwan ako ng boyfriend ko dahil hindi ako marunong humalik? I'm sure they will kick me out of this hotel in no time.

Claire's is an exclusive school. What's the business of your family, iha? That's why your last name sounds familiar. I'm a fan of your mother's collection, tell her that. And please do call me tita Louisa. As usual, he's sensitive whenever Lynne is being mentioned.

I guess he never really moved on. Andy loves telling stories about her. And from what i've noticed, he's still in love with her. Right, Andy? Nag eenjoy pa ako dun eh. He didn't answer me. Natameme ka na naman. Nabanggit na naman kasi si Lynne.

He kissed me. I really don't know. All i know is my heart went wild. Is it love or is it lust? Again, i really don't know.

I have no idea. Right now, i just want to kiss him.. I just love kissing you. No more, no less.. And again. Mindless of the people staring at us. I perfectly understand that i'm not invited. He hates me. Sara hates me. They hate me. Yet you still want me to come?

Do you hate me, too? Even my mother does. I'm one heck of a lucky girl, right? You're already forgiven, if that's why you don't want to come. The last time i checked, they abhor me.

Ang tigas talaga ng ulo mo. Pumunta ka na kasi. Once a year lang magbirthday yung tao, hindi ka pa pupunta. Matitiis ba ng konsensya mo 'yun? Start dressing up or i'll be the one stripping off your clothes?

What should i do? Should i call ? There's a perv beside me, for God's sake! I'm feeling nuts. With that thought, my face went pale. I closed my eyes and waited for the next event. I started counting inside my head. I slowly peeked and saw Andy staring at me. His eyes look sad? Mission failed. Akala mo gagawin ko talaga?

I changed for you.. The so called painful smile. I respect you. I need to earn your trust. Even if it takes a lifetime. I will. For you. I ran immediately towards Andy and said, "Available pa ba ang offer mo? This is weird. Super natawa ako. Teary eyed na ako sa katatawa. I was like, 'sht. Tapos may wi-fi yung katabi kong room, sht men! May password. Ang damot Hahaha. Pero anyway, nandito na ako so everybody happy na! Ang hirap pa lang maging college student.

Lalo na pag malaki ang university na pinapasukan mo. Para akong tanga, takbo dito, takbo dun kasi male late na ako sa klase ko.

Tapos biglang walang dadating na prof? Sarap magwala. Kaya mga high school students, ienjoy niyo. Gusto ko ng bumalik sa HS.

Hindi pa masyadong madami ang populasyon ng gwapo sa U. I never ever dreamt of being in a romantic relationship with him. It's -- ew. No more, no less. So it was really stupid of me that i kissed him. The memory disgusts me big time. I'm concentrating! Ano'ng klaseng party nga pala yun? He scratched his head, "Grabe, hanap ka ng hanap ng isusuot mo, hindi mo pala alam kung anong klaseng party 'yun.

Ako na may kasalanan. Besides, kahit ano naman isuot mo, maganda ka pa rin. Magbibihis na ako. I came up with a simple dress. Knee length, no cleavage shown. I'm so conservative, well, just for this night.

I'm a bit disappointed. Just a bit, alright? I am really disappointed. I'm just a girl who wants to hear compliments once in a while. Or you are stunning etc. He caught me. Masisira yung make up ko! Don't talk to me! You said shut up, i shut up. You said say something, i said something. Now, what the hell is you're problem?!

In my world, it's just me and him. Me and him and this kiss that we're sharing. This bittersweet story that we had.

My dark past and his broken promises.. With just a kiss, my world collided. It sucks. Hearing someone say he's sorry for doing something that makes your heart thump wild is just crazy. It fcking hurts. The venue's not as wild as i magined it to be.

It's chic? Just like gathering of friends. Drinking beers while sharing the story of your life. That kind of setting.

Kinakabahan ako. Alam mo yung feeling na kakausapin ka ng crush mo?


Ganun yun pakiramdam. So old school. Tatanda ka din. For like 10 seconds, i was just staring at her. Waiting for her to slap me or humiliate me here. I mean, i know i deserve it. At least i know. But then i was shocked that insted of slapping me, she pulled me in a hug and whispered, "Na miss kita. Hindi ko alam pero naiyak talaga ako. Alam ko naman sa sarili ko na masakit yung mga nasabi ko sa kanya. Pero kahit ganun, pinatawad niya pa din ako.

Birthday kaya 'to, hindi lamay. How i miss them! We went to the nearest couch and ordered punch. No liquor for me. We just talked about things.

Nabalitaan pala nila yung pagd drug overdose ko, and Andy told them the reason why i kissed Dave. Gusto kitang sabunutan. Sa kanya ko gustong ibuhos yung frustrations ko sa'yo at sa prof kong nagbigay ng singko sakin. Kwentuhan magdamag. Catching up with each one's life. Parang wala din akong namiss. We're here in our house. As usual. Nothing's changed. I'm still grounded. Kanina mo pa ko sinusungitan eh. Ikaw ba naman ang ma stranded kasama ang isang lalaking nagngangalang Andy Guzman sa bahay mo, tignan ko lang kung hindi ka ma PMS.

May good news pa naman ako sa'yo. I love good news. I really need good vibes. With all the issues in my life?

It's a miracle i still have my sanity intact. Nac cute-an ka lang talaga sa'kin. Ang lakas talaga ng charm ko.

Who do he hang out with lately? He has this weird things going on. Last time, he sang a line from Hot n' Cold, now he's doing this pogi sign. You're cute. Pang aso lang naman kasi ang cute eh. Suite yourself. Sobrang cute mo, Andy. Ang cute cute mo. Hari ka ng ka cute-an. Walang tatalo sa pagka cute mo.

I'm just returning the favor. He pinched my cheeks yesterday! Talunan ako basta ikaw ang pag uusapan. Ang lakas mo sa'kin eh. Ayaw mo pang tumawa, bahala ka, sa iba lalabas yan. The heck! Ako lang ang pwedeng gumanyan dito!

You can go now," i told him while smiling. Truth be told, konti na lang masusura na ko talaga. Totoo ba yung sinasabi mo?

No joke? I'm a free man again? Pasalamat ka mahal kita, kahit hindi mo ako pinilit" I cut whatever he's saying because i jumped unto him and whispered, "You have no idea how happy i am.. No hatred involved, just pure happiness. Gahd, i missed my night life. It's been what? A month since i last partied?

I can manage myself. You know what? Go there and find a girl. Flirt and have sex. And have fun while i'm enjoying myself. I'm just celebrating my freedom, right? Badtrip talaga si Dana pag nalalasing, kung anu ano lumalabas sa bibig.

Hindi ko malaman kung seryoso ba o nagloloko lang. Ang labo! Grabe, lahat na ba ng babae ngayon lasinggera? When she lifted her head and saw herself in the mirror, she noticed the red wig and realized Page hadn't recognized her.

Harlow and Gable worked well together and co-starred in a total of six films. At this point, MGM began trying to distinguish Harlow's public persona from that of her screen characters, changing her childhood surname from common "Carpenter" to chic "Carpentier", claiming that writer Edgar Allan Poe was one of her ancestors and publishing photographs of Harlow doing charity work to change her image from that of a tramp to an all-American girl.

This transformation proved difficult; once, Harlow was heard muttering, "My God, must I always wear a low-cut dress to be important? Initially, Harlow was speculated to have killed Bern, [52] but Bern's death was officially ruled a suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound. Louis B. Mayer feared negative publicity from the incident and intended to replace Harlow in the film, offering the role to Tallulah Bankhead.

Bankhead was appalled by the offer and wrote in her autobiography, "To damn the radiant Jean for the misfortune of another would be one of the shabbiest acts of all time.

I told Mr. Mayer as much. A biography of Bern asserted that Bern was, in fact, murdered by a former lover and the crime scene re-arranged by MGM executives to make it appear Bern had killed himself.

After Bern's mysterious death, the studio did not want another scandal and defused the situation by arranging a marriage between Harlow and cinematographer Harold Rosson. Rosson and Harlow were friends and Rosson went along with the plan. They quietly divorced eight months later. The same year, she played the adulterous wife of Wallace Beery in the all-star comedy-drama Dinner at Eight , and played a pressured Hollywood film star in the screwball comedy Bombshell with Lee Tracy.

The film has been said to be based on Harlow's own life or that of s " It girl ", Clara Bow. The film was the studio's attempt at softening Harlow's image, but suffered from censorship problems, so much so that its original title, Born to Be Kissed, had to be changed. Secretary , with Myrna Loy and James Stewart. Stewart later spoke of a scene in a car with Harlow in Wife vs.

Secretary, saying, " Clarence Brown , the director, wasn't too pleased by the way I did the smooching. He made us repeat the scene about half a dozen times I botched it up on purpose. That Jean Harlow sure was a good kisser. I realized that until then, I had never been really kissed.

From onward, Harlow was consistently voted one of the strongest box office draws in the United States, often outranking her fellow female colleagues at MGM in audience popularity polls.

Reckless was her first movie musical. It co-starred her then-boyfriend William Powell and Franchot Tone. When her character sings in the movie, the voice is that of skilled vocalist Virginia Verrill. Harlow's movies continued to make huge profits at the box office even during the middle of the Depression. The couple was reportedly engaged for two years, [58] but differences ranging from past marriages to Powell's uncertainty of the future, kept them from publicly formalizing their relationship.

Suzy , in which she played the title role, gave her top billing over Franchot Tone and Cary Grant. While critics noted that Harlow dominated the film, the film was a reasonable box-office success. She then starred in Riffraff with Spencer Tracy and Una Merkel , a financial disappointment, and the worldwide hit Libeled Lady , in which she was top billed over Powell, Myrna Loy , and Tracy.

She then filmed W.

A Damn Good Kisser (Part 1, 2 & 3)

It was Harlow's final completed motion picture appearance. Roosevelt 's birthday, for the organization later known as the March of Dimes. She recovered in time to attend the Academy Awards ceremony with William Powell. However, production was delayed when she developed sepsis and had to be hospitalized after a multiple wisdom tooth extraction.

After she recovered, shooting began on April Her symptoms—fatigue, nausea, water weight and abdominal pain—did not seem very serious to her doctor, who believed she was suffering from cholecystitis and influenza. However, he was apparently unaware that Harlow had been ill during the previous year with a severe sunburn and influenza. Harlow was clearly sicker than her character, and when she leaned against co-star Gable between scenes, said: "I feel terrible.

Get me back to my dressing room. On May 30, Powell checked on Harlow, and when he found that her condition had not improved, he recalled her mother from a holiday trip and summoned her doctor.

Secretary, Suzy, and Libeled Lady , so there was no great concern initially. On June 2, it was announced that Harlow was suffering from influenza. In the doctor's press releases, the cause of death was given as cerebral edema , a complication of kidney failure. Some claimed that her mother had refused to call a doctor because she was a Christian Scientist or that Harlow had declined hospital treatment or surgery.

From the onset of her illness, Harlow had been attended by a doctor while she was resting at home. Two nurses also visited her house, and various equipment was brought from a nearby hospital.Let's drink?

Mass Market Paperback , Pop Fiction , pages. Thank goodness it wasn't the smoker's corner—Axel and Demyx, official Delinquents that they were, might still be loitering there. Maybe he's right. What are we doing? And why is the protagonist always be a naive, innocent girl with a or several knight in shining armor? She's killing me, for goodness' sake!

Each story has a Cheating sex stories, are those where someone in the relationship is being unfaithful to their partner.