English tenses: worksheets, printable exercises pdf, handouts to print. Mixed tenses. All verbal tenses in English. Tenses. All downloads are in PDF Format and consist of a worksheet and answer sheet to check your results. Levels of Difficulty: Elementary Intermediate. English grammar: PDF + online exercises with answers. Tests on mixed tenses, reported speech, passive, conditionals, modal verbs, time clauses, gerunds.

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Eingangskurs. Grammar Exercises. Sprachenzenrtum (always/argue) 1oudly. B: Put the verb into the correct form, present continuous or present simple. 1. I. 4 Find examples of tenses used for the future in the text and match them with the . 2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of used to and the verb in. Verb Tenses Tutorial Exercise 1. Simple Present / Present Continuous. 1. Every Monday, Sally (drive) her kids to football practice. 2. Usually, I (work).

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I am looking Have a look at grammar rules and exercises we have a date in free online lessons at e-grammar. I always look forward we are having Present simple and continuous we are going to see we will have Present tenses and going to Future simple and continuous Exercise 2: Do you watch TV every day? What will you do after school? Is she going to try it? When is he leaving? How often does she help you? Will Marion study at university?

Exercise 3: This is a cold place. Look at that. I'm going to finish it soon. I'm not a novelist. Will you take it? Are you going to take it?

Simple Past Story 1 Who were they? Where did they go? What happened? One autumn evening, Charles and Beth went to the theater. They attended a play. The play started at Charles and Beth enjoyed the theater. After the play, Charles and Beth walked together in the park. They walked beside the lake.

The moon was bright. They talked about their future. When Charles and Beth went home, their children were not asleep. They waited for Charles and Beth to return.

They were excited to hear about the theater! Charles told the children about the play.

Then, Beth put the children to bed. Charles and Beth were very tired. It was a good night! Simple Past Story 2 Who is she? Where did she do? Last week, Beth baked a cake for Lilly's birthday party.

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Lilly wanted a strawberry cake with pink frosting. Beth was happy to bake the cake. First, Beth mixed the ingredients in a big bowl. Next, she poured the cake batter into four round baking pans. She put the pans in the oven. Finally, she baked the cakes for 20 minutes. Then, Beth prepared the pink frosting.

After the cakes cooled, Beth stacked them and covered them with frosting. Beth wrote Lilly's name on top with white frosting. She put seven candles in the cake.

On Sunday, Beth surprised Lilly with the strawberry cake. Lilly loved her cake! Lilly had many gifts for her birthday. But Lilly said her cake was the best gift of them all! Simple Past Story 3 Who were they? What did they do? Last night, George was at a restaurant with Clara, Charlie, and Katherine. After dinner, George announced his engagement to Clara. George stood next to Clara. He raised his glass.

He announced the engagement to his friends. He looked very happy! Clara was also at the restaurant.

She sat at the table next to George. She smiled when he announced the engagement. She showed her friends her ring. It was very beautiful. Clara also looked very happy! Charlie and Katherine also sat at the table.

They were excited for their friends. Charlie congratulated George and Clara. He shook George's hand. Katherine looked at Clara's ring. She hugged Clara. She was happy for George and Clara! Simple Past Story 4 Who were they? On Saturday, the Jenson family shopped for a Christmas tree. They got in the car.

They drove to the tree farm. Jenson walked around the tree farm with their kids. The Jenson family looked at all the trees. They looked at tall trees and short trees.

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They looked at fat trees and skinny trees. They looked at every tree on the farm. They wanted the perfect tree. The Jenson kids finally found the perfect tree. It wasn't too tall or too short.

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It wasn't too fat or too skinny. The tree was exactly what they wanted. It was the perfect Christmas tree! Click here to download the full worksheet: Simple Past Story 4.

Mixed tenses exercises with answers

Past Progressive The Past Progressive Continuous is a form of the verb that shows the action or state was in progress continued in the past. For example: Lisa was dancing yesterday at 8 o'clock. Past Progressive Story 1 Who was she? Where was she?

What was happening? Yesterday, it was raining and thundering all day. Ann was playing inside the house. She wanted to be outside.After the cakes cooled, Beth stacked them and covered them with frosting.

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I'm going to finish it soon. What did they do? In this worksheet, the students need to rearrange the words in jumbled sentences to make them complete and meaningful. I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. Change into simple past 9.