A Tesla turbine is made of a set of parallel discs with nozzles, through .. [7] http ://crepsandtinggranan.ml (). PDF | This paper offers a fundamental ideal to design household green energy generator based on the concept of Tesla turbine. The critical issue of this green. PDF | This work reviews the physical principles behind the Tesla bladeless turbine, a device invented by the brilliant Croatian engineer Nikola Tesla. Following a.

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Abstract. In this Theoretical design of Tesla turbine is a non-conventional bladeless turbine it works on the principle of viscous boundary layer concepts. It set of. This thesis presents the design, construction and testing of a boundary layer turbine, also known as a Tesla Turbine. A turbine, with discs of 92mm in diameter . Tesla turbine is an unconventional turbine that uses fluid properties such as boundary layer and adhesion of fluid on series of smooth disks keyed to a shaft.

As the gas flows and adds energy to the disks, it spirals into the center exhaust since the rotor has no projections, it is very sturdy. Now explaining the detailed mechanism involved in the process of the turbine.

Firstly the main objective of the working of the turbine is to rotate the disk connected to the shaft. For this to be done.


We need air pressure to be applied in tangential direction with respect to the discs connected to the rotor as well as shaft. The air pressure must be more than 40 Psi. Set at the center of the plywood. The air then compressed at 50psi is sent to the turbine through pneumatic pipe and the flow of the air is controlled by a gate valve.

Compressed air is passed to the turbine through the air inlet nozzle at the top of the turbine.

The air injected through the nozzle passes through the gaps between the disks creating a boundary layer which results in rotation of the shaft. The shaft then transfer the power to a dynamo generating electric current which is here used to lit the LEDs and also can be used for various purposes. The following chart shows the average efficiency of a bladed turbine Pelton turbine, Kaplan turbine, Francis turbine etc.

Thus, if the Tesla turbine is adopted on a commercial basis, the efficiency level of the process, be it generating current or pumping water, will see a marked improvement when compared to the current scenario. By adopting the newly proposed fluid and rotor design, this efficiency is expected to increase even further, thereby pushing the cause of the Tesla Turbine even further.

Report Tesla Turbine

Here, it can be seen that the expected cost of the proposed Tesla Turbine is not too high when compared to its peers. This expected cost has been calculated after taking into account the cost of the laminated composite rotors.

The costs of the other machines are their average market costs. Thus, the Tesla turbine provides an alternative solution to todays energy problems, at a cost which is much lower than the other commercially wide-spread machines. The fact that the properties of adhesion and viscosity combine together to generate much more power than the power consumed by the compressor which is used to provide the compressed air to the Tesla Turbine rotor is of much importance.

Even the power consumed by the air heater to heat the air to 80C will be compensated in the former of a much higher torque generation by the proposed modified Tesla turbine. Especially in areas such as hydraulic power applications, such a high torque can play a very significant role.

Taking the number of disc as according to our need.

Then assuming it to be a number of 8 and proceeding further operations. To achieve a higher pressure difference very hot fluids such as superheated steam are used which is why the availability of higher temperature materials allow higher efficiencies.

If the turbine uses a gas which is liquid at room temperature then you can use a condenser after the exhaust to increase the pressure difference. Tesla's design sidestepped the key drawbacks of the bladed turbine.

It does suffer from other problems such as shear losses and flow restrictions. Some of Tesla turbine's advantages lie in relatively low flow rate applications or when small applications are called for.

The disks need to be as thin as possible at the edges in order not to introduce turbulence as the fluid leaves the disks. This translates to needing to increase the number of disks as the flow rate increases. Maximum efficiency comes in this system when the inter-disk spacing approximates the thickness of the boundary layer, and since boundary layer thickness is dependent on viscosity and pressure, the claim that a single design can be used efficiently for a variety of fuels and fluids is incorrect.

A Tesla turbine differs from a conventional turbine only in the mechanism used for transferring energy to the shaft.

Various analyses demonstrate the flow rate between the disks must be kept relatively low to maintain efficiency. Reportedly, the efficiency of the Tesla turbine drops with increased load. Under light load, the spiral taken by the fluid moving from the intake to the exhaust is a tight spiral, undergoing many rotations.

Under load, the number of rotations drops and the spiral becomes progressively shorter. This will increase the shear losses and also reduce the efficiency because the gas is in contact with the discs for less distance. Efficiency is a function of power output. A light load makes for high efficiency and a heavy load, which increases the slip in the turbine and lowers the efficiency, though this is not exclusive to Tesla turbines.

The turbine effeciency of the gas Tesla turbine is estimated to be above 60, reaching a maximum of 95 percent. Keep in mind that turbine efficiency is different from the cycle efficiency of the engine using the turbine. Tesla claimed that a steam version of his device would achieve around 95 percent efficiency. The methods and apparatus for the propulsion of fluids and thermodynamic transformation of energy were disclosed in various patents.

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The thermodynamic efficiency is a measure of how well it performs compared to an isentropic case. This can be taken to be the ratio of the ideal change in enthalpy to the real enthalpy for the same change in pressure. Rice's experimental single stage system's working fluid was air. Higher percentages would be expected if designed as originally proposed by Tesla.

In his final work with the Tesla turbine and published just prior to his retirement, Rice conducted a bulk-parameter analysis of model laminar flow in multiple disk turbines. A very high claim for rotor efficiency as opposed to overall device efficiency for this design was published in entitled "Tesla Turbo machinery".

Now, I'm lucky to make it around inside a grocery store, and don't even think of making me walk around a Walmart Store. Won't happen. I haven't given up the dream of seeing my designs become realities. To increase the torque and horsepower of your existing work, continue to use the input as you have created, vs. Make compression plates that vent the airflow to the exhaust holes. This will give you maximum thrust in this arrangement. If you want to increase it even more, curve the compression slot with a 10 degree offset from your input on the outer edge to increase the HP and torque even greater.

These compression plates deal with the low torque problem Tesla's design has. It is and was a good start for us to consider. I seriously wonder if he realized this also and made such a design as I mention, we just never got to learn about it. Just like his transmission design. For a turbine application for driving a generator or EV, do not exceed an 11 inch turbine.

When you gear down, your torque becomes phenomenal in output.

Tesla turbine

I would not exceed a 36 inch pump for an 11 inch turbine drive unit. Best wishes, and good luck with what you are trying to do. I hope I was helpful. Some secrets were never meant to remain such or taken to a grave.

Just because I can't finish my dream, doesn't mean someone else can't have a chance to finish it and enjoy it.

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We will only survive if we use our wits and gifts to collectively achieve our common goal here on instructables. To change the way things are now. One person at a time. My designs take things to extreme eff.Total length In these environments, a pressure gauge needs to be reliable, accurate and easy to read to help prevent failure in everyday operations.

Tesla pump has been reported to [6] Rhetta, J.: In this piece you will also have to drill and tap a hole for an set screw. For extremely thick fluids, a specialty valve often known as a knife valve is used to cut through the liquid. As of , the Tesla turbine has not seen widespread commercial use since its invention. Though analyses of more specialized turbines like aero-engine turbines have been done, Tesla Turbine analysis papers remain highly elusive.

The stator of the turbine consists of the following parts: