download Conspiracy February: Read 99 site Store Reviews - Read "Conspiracy #2 February" by Gabrielle Lord available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Cal's old life ended as. Conspiracy has 10 entries in the series. February. Conspiracy (Series) . Book 2. Gabrielle Lord Author (). cover image of March.

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Conspiracy February. By Gabrielle Lord | Electronic book text | 0 Review(s). $ download eBook · Download immediately from the Kobo website · Download. Shelves: owned-ebooks, boekenclub .. "Conspiracy February" by Gabrielle Lord is a book about a 15 year old kid that has been blamed for shooting his. download the eBook Conspiracy , Book 2: February by Gabrielle Lord online from Australia's leading online eBook store. Download eBooks from.

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February a generous 6 out of 10 because of the imagery if you are a teen interested in short reads. Jun 20, old account rl rated it liked it. The secret to writing a good mystery novel is obviously debatable. Is it the suspenseful and cryptic clue-hunting? The wise-cracking detectives and their plucky sidekicks? Or the actual mysterious mystery itself?

Honestly, I think the best answer is a blend of all three, which is what makes the Conspiracy series such a disappointment. It doesn't include many aspects needed to make this as gripping as it could be.

In Janua 2.

Conspiracy 365 February

In January, we saw Cal become a fugitive and in February we see him begin to live his life as one. He desperately begins the slow and laborious progress of solving the rather few and cryptic puzzle pieces of what Boges has nicknamed the DMO - the Dangerous Mystery of the Ormonds.

I think you get the picture.

A lot of emphasis is placed on the action scenes in February. The very unrealistic, over-dramatized action scenes. Look everyone can over look a certain amount of unrealistic scenes in novels otherwise who would ever read an urban fantasy book or anything with vampires, werewolves, faeries or other mythical creatures.

Anyone that read a Alex Rider series book can tell you that in real life Alex would be dead several times over, but what the point of a teen spy book without a little drama?

The problem with the Conspiracy series is that we have already seen half of these "death defying" action-packed scenes before.

They aren't exciting anymore. They don't make me grip the pages with anticipation and terror Honestly, I knew he would so it didn't really bother me. Cal and Boges are also a little dense at times. They keep trusting people that they should not and they seem to think that they are going to be able to hide forever. They are fifteen-year-old boys. And they start a blog for Cal to rally some supporters or something. Have they never had a school computing lesson or watched a crime television show?

They can track you! Yes, your a tech whiz Boges, but really? The DMO keeps you reading though. It makes you grip the pages a little harder, wondering, waiting, thinking What's the angel got to do with anything?

What do the drawings stand for? What does the red-headed lady have to do with anything? And how is Sligo involved? And this time we got some answers! Bless, Winter Frey and her "sadness spot".

I won't say anymore though. You'll have to find out for yourself. What ruins this book is the writing.

When will my book be dispatched from your warehouse?

Its so simple and bland. There is no life to it whatsoever.

It doesn't provoke any sort of feelings, good or bad, within me and it barely contains any sort of imaginative descriptions, let alone beautiful imageries and prose.

Gabrielle Lord also seems to enjoy adding a exclamation mark to every second sentence of hers. Its annoying. Really annoying.

On some positive note, while it earned a lower rating from me, it was a far more enjoyable book plot-wise than January. This book is fun.

A short and easy read for fans of mystery and suspense. It is a twelve book series called Conspiracy The lexile level of this book is This book is about an Australian boy named Callum Ormond who is fifteen years old and who is a hunted fugitive.

Callum gets stuck in a lot more situations and has to find a way to get out of them. The theme of this book is to trust your family members and to stick with them all your life because they are the only people who you truly have.

When Callums mom found out what happened to Rafe and Gabbi, and thinking that Callum was the one who hurt them, she goes nuts. Callums mom keeps telling Callum to come home but he never listens because if he goes home, he will get thrown in jail for a crime he never did.

She never lets up. Which if I were her, I wouldn't either. It got my heart going a little bit. This book is told in both first and third point of views. It switches back and forth quite a bit. I would recommend this book to kids who like action, adventure, and crime. I liked this book because it was a pretty easy to read book and because I like action. It was a very predictable book. I guessed a few times about what was going to probably happen, but I was wrong. The same type of bad things that happen to Callum, happened to the Baudelaire children in the Series of the Unfortunate Events.

Not the exact same events, but similar. The ending was one of my favorite parts in the book. Time seemed to stop. My favorite part of the book was when Callum got stuck in the animal cage with a lion and also the ending.

Nov 08, Ethan Goman added it. Fifteen year old Callum Ormond is still on the run for attacking his uncle Rafe and leaving his younger sister in a coma. I personally liked reading the book because of all the action and the riddles and puzzles it leaves at a cliff hangar and makes me want to read the next book. I just loved the action in the book and all the the times Callum Ormond had to fight of the gangs and the bad guys and run away from the cops.

I recommend this book to kids in 7th grade and older mostly because the violence and the action in the book.

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I give this book at least 5 stars because of all the mystery and action in the book. Jun 24, Christina rated it it was amazing Shelves: My local library challenged me to read a YA book, so I picked up February, the 2nd in the Conspiracy series.

I had previewed the first in the series January but hadn't taken time to read it so I wasn't sure quite what to expect when I opened up this one. To my surprise, I ended up enjoying it! I am eager to get my hands on the entire set, now. The story is quick-paced, yet still creates images for the My local library challenged me to read a YA book, so I picked up February, the 2nd in the Conspiracy series.

The story is quick-paced, yet still creates images for the reader. It's an easy book for times of frequent interruptions, due the the layout. But one really doesn't want to have to stop reading until they've finished the entire book, nay series I'm guessing!

I also happen to sell books from this publisher Nov 30, Carter rated it really liked it.

Conspiracy 365

This book was about a boy that had his dad killed over a reason that is unknown but he knows he was murdered. The book starts off with him being stuck in an oil container that was being filled up. This scared me because this is what I believe to be the worst way to die. I would hate to die by drowning in anything. I also would hate to have my dad die. This would change someone's life drastically. I'm not sure if I would try as hard as he is to catch the people that killed him because I think I w This book was about a boy that had his dad killed over a reason that is unknown but he knows he was murdered.

I'm not sure if I would try as hard as he is to catch the people that killed him because I think I would be more sad then mad. This boy keeps finding more and more things that happened to his dad and this I think would be terrible knowing your dad did so much but never told you. This boy doesn't have a mom either she died earlier in his life.

I can't imagine what it would be like to have no parents.

Mar 16, Tyler Lester rated it liked it. As he runs from the police he is also chased by two rival gangs that are trying to kill him, so he has to hid out for the rest of his life.

In my opinion I think that this book was not as good a the first one "Conspiracy January" but it did have tones of more action in the story with the gangs and cops trying to find and capture or kill him.

I would recom "Conspiracy February" by Gabrielle Lord is a book about a 15 year old kid that has been blamed for shooting his little sister and uncle.Be the first to write a review.

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In stock online Available in stores. Cal, a teen fugitive is on the run like never before, getting saved by a mysterious typical much girl, Winter from the rapidly raising oil tank, he unravels clues of his father's drawings He has days. You'll have to find out for yourself. We will then contact you with the appropriate action. Title Author.