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Something Strange and Deadly

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Reportar como inapropiado. When I first read Something Strange and Deadly, it acted as a re-introduction to the steampunk genre. I was not let down. In an alternate Philadelphia where the Dead have risen, deadly villains and strange heroes leave nothing but an entertaining debut novel. We also get a very good look at the relationship between Eleanor and her mother, Abigail Fitt.

This high society is all about wearing a mask.

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Eleanor tries to act like a lady, but sometimes her real self comes out more so around Daniel. Her mother also wears a mask by trying to hide the misfortune of the Philadelphia Fitts. When this mask comes off, the reader experiences the raw emotion these characters are hiding. That moment is pretty scary for her. While on the search for her missing brother Elijah, the necromancer is leaving a trail of dead bodies and Eleanor fears her brother is his next victim.

Like a good mystery, Dennard leaves hints for her brave heroine, but also like a good mystery these clues can point in an entirely different direction. Daniel Sheridan. It was also amusing watching Eleanor develop a crush on Daniel, but not necessarily be aware of it.

For example, jingling bells are placed in a casket to warn the town against the risen Dead pg In the real world, measures like these were taken incase people were accidentally buried alive. I felt having little things like this really helped me connect with this alternate world and make it all the more real.

With murder and voodoo magic lining the pages, Something Strange and Deadly captivates readers through incredible characters and shocking revelations. They have a lot of unimaginable adventures ahead of them.

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Finally, I get to the books that introduced the world to the writing queen named Susan Dennard! While historical fantasy isn't my usual fare, I couldn't resist a tale full of necromancers and zombies. And it was definitely a lot of fun! May 08, Jenny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wow, I loved this book! I do love both Zombies and Steampunk, and this had both!

I'm still trying to process this book First of all, the whole thing felt like a Victorian novel. I don't know how she managed this, with all the sci-fi zombies and inventions, but it felt really authentic, like I was reading an old classic that I loved!

The plot and the central mystery was so well done The characters were amazing! Well thought out and great development.

I really identified with Eleanor. She is a more modern girl, if it can be said. She felt just like a normal heroine in a current setting, but it was easy to imagine her floundering about in the world she lives in. All the support characters were also perfect. I could picture and hear each one in my head. There isn't as much romance, mainly because of the time period the book is set in.

People do not go around kissing each other until after they are engaged. But there is some hints at it, which I thoroughly enjoyed! There is plenty of excitement and adventure, though! The ending was amazing, but left things wide open for the next book, which I cannot wait for! Apr 16, Regan Leigh rated it it was amazing.

I guess I should clarify first that I read a draft of the book being published. I can't wait to read her other books! SSD is full of plot twists that you won't suspect and characters that are just plain badass cool. There's a sense of humor even in the dark scenes and lingering emotions that will have you all jittery to read the next book.

I'm not joking when I say Susan will be a huge I guess I should clarify first that I read a draft of the book being published. I'm not joking when I say Susan will be a huge author. Her prose and writing style are enough to make you read further, not to mention the great character voice compelling you ahead.

Originally posted at Sisters Unedited Recommend: This book rated right up there with Divergent and Angefall. It was quite original. Susan Dennard spins a tale about magic, hunters, and zombies.

All you Steampunk fans will love this and those who have never read anything from that genre, well this is a good one to start with.

That was the Dead alarm. I'd heard of corpses awakening-hungry and dangerous though still qui Originally posted at Sisters Unedited Recommend: I'd heard of corpses awakening-hungry and dangerous though still quite dead. The purpose of bells in coffins was, after all, to warn us; but if the word on the street was true, then in the last week more than a few bodies had escaped their graves.

Panic decends and in order for Eleanor not to be trampled she heads into the now abandoned office. But Elenor is not so lucky. She is hiding behind the door by the desk when "I lifted my gaze with deliberate caution and met the face that now waited outside the window, where only minutes ago I had waited. It was a corpse. One of the Dead. This alone is odd behavior because everyone knows that Zombies hunt endlessly until they are laid to rest or destoryed. After the Zombie leaves and the alarm turns off Eleanor snatches the note.

Mystery Note: I can't come. Trouble in New York has caught up with me. Don't tell Moma-it will only worry her. And you shouldn't worry either. If I do what he needs, I can come home.

Elenor and her mom were counting on Elijah coming home and helping out finanically. To make matters worse her mother had already planned a welcome home party for Elijah and could not uninvite people so the last of the money was spent.

Among the guest list are the Wilcoxes who happen to be quite wealthy and her mom has been hinting at Eleanor catching Clarence's eye. Now the cool thing about this world is that seance's were regular party entertainment which I have to say was a cool twist. Yes, I did a happy dance when I saw that this book was going to have a dark twist in it with spirits.

This event suddenly becomes something more than just a show. A spirit slithered into the room as her mom was calling for her father. Her mom thought it was her father's spirit and so invited him in, but it was something far darker. Elenor and Clarence were the only ones who could tell that something was off and wrong about the spirit. At this point my stomach dropped just like when the Ringwraiths showed up in The Lord of the Rings.

This spirit does not bode well for things to come. To make matters worse Eleanor sneaks out to see what Clarence is up to and finds a secret meeting with him and a mysterious man. She is caught before she could get back to the party. In order to keep Eleanor quiet he feels the need to "court" her. This attention from him causes discomfort between her and a few other girls. Which leaves her to once again stand on her own feet while finding help.

The help comes in an unlikely package in the Machinery Hall at the International Centennial Exhibition. Hired to protect. That was my answer! Eleanor Fitt [image error].

Eleanor is the one who has been holding her family together since her dad passed and Elijah went to college. She manages the household accounts while making sure everything is running smoothly. But when her brother fails to show up on the train she gets thrown from one bad situation to another. In order to find out what has happened to her brother she must team up with the Spirit Hunters.

This puts her in harms way more than once. Daniel Sheridan. I am afraid he works better with machines than with people. I always think of his hair sticking up everywhere and his clothing un-tucked in some places. Daniel and Eleanor can't seem to decide if they annoy each other or like each other. I enjoyed his character throughout. I thought that his rough around the edges appearance and personality were endearing.

Clarence Wilcox He would be Alison's rich, very eligible brother. He has just come home from 2 years of college. He is around Eleanor's brother, Elijah's age. He seems to be tied up in his fathers past and is trying to break free. Due to Eleanor spying on him they team up to find answers under the disguise of courting. I really didn't like him at first but as time went on I found he had some redeeming qualities.

If you want more you must read it! We see that things are becoming more then Eleanor can handle; lack of money, lost brother, and scary spirit. We also get to see the Steampunk twist come into play with the Spirit Hunters. My final thoughts on Something Strange and Deadly would be to give it a try.

You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that when dealing with zombies always Dodson for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review.

Mar 18, Keertana rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well, my experience with Something Strange and Deadly was similar. In a re-imagined Post Civil War setting, the dead are slowly rising and their armies are populating major Union Cities. When Eleanor Fitt, the daughter of a once wealthy and now deceased businessman, goes to pick up her elder brother Elijah from the train station, she is shocked to find that he has been kidnapped by the dangerous necromancer who is raising the dead and whose army has moved from New York to her own town, Philadelphia.

Thus, Eleanor does the only thing she possibly can — she seeks the help of Spirit-Hunters, a small group of people who claim to be able to destroy the supernatural forces at work.

From there on, the pace is impeccable — fast-moving, intriguing and leaves you constantly turning the pages. Nevertheless, despite these wonderful quirks, I did have a slight difficulty adjusting to the setting of this novel.

While these flaws do remain to scar the otherwise perfect qualities of Something Strange and Deadly, they never detracted from the overall experience of the novel.

Plus, what really made this story tick were the characters themselves. Eleanor is one of my favorite steampunk heroines — I love the way she brands her parasol menacingly, I love her sharp wit and ready intelligence, and I love the clever manner in which she manages to elude high society to help the Spirit-Hunters and her brother. Not only is she courageous, brave, and filled with admirable morals, she is also flawed, sarcastic, and vastly different from other women of her time.

I simply adored reading her narration and to me, Eleanor felt like a long-lost friend. I loved Joseph, the leader of the Spirit-Hunters who was both wise and powerful. Not only was he kind to Eleanor, but he appreciated her efforts and seemed to constantly encourage her search for her brother and restore her faith in humanity.

Jie, a young Chinese girl who managed to stay under the radar by dressing like a man, also became an immediate favorite. She makes Eleanor think about the choices she has and shows her that it is possible to live a life away from the expectations of society.

While I loved the diversity that both Jie and Joseph, a black man, brought to this tale, my favorite secondary character was, without a doubt, Daniel. Daniel is many things — an inventor, a fighter, a Spirit-Hunter and, a dashingly handsome and infuriating young man. I loved the witty banter between him and Eleanor and their romance was extremely subtle and beautifully written.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that their ending is realistic, shockingly bittersweet, and leaves the reader aching for more. What else can I say about Something Strange and Deadly?

It is traditionally a novel about zombies, filled with your usual paranormal and steampunk elements, but it also has a large emphasis on feminism, amongst other themes. I loved the subtle manner in which Dennard managed to weave diversity, social politics, and class hierarchies into this tale and that simply made it all the more richer for me. In addition, while characters such as Clarence Wilcox and Mrs.

It has quickly become one of my favorites, not only due to its gorgeous cover, but also due to its heart-warming characters who feel like my very own friends. Something Strange and Deadly is, without a doubt, one of the more notable, creative, and original debuts of the year and I cannot wait to get my hands on its sequel to see where this lovely new series is headed. You can read this review and more on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings. Feb 22, Jenelle rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm completely undone: Have I entered the Twilight Zone?

Am I on Candid Camera? Maybe the Earth's polarity has been reversed? I wish I could make that word ten times bigger just to emphasize how utterly craptacular this book is. So, so, so, soooooooo laughably ridiculous and cringe-inducing and pos I'm completely undone: So, so, so, soooooooo laughably ridiculous and cringe-inducing and positively sloppy I'm still reeling from the shock that people actually like this thing. Since I seem to be in the minority, I assume you'll want some justification.

No problem. But sadly I don't think there's enough room to copy and paste the entire text in as evidence. I'll have to just try to sum it up. First thing you have to know, though, is that what I read was an ARC and could have been completely revised and edited before the official release. I honestly hope that's true. Also, I think I should warn you, if you're still thinking you might check out the book, now is the time to stop reading this review, cause I am not going to hold back on details and that means spoilers-- like, all of them.

Still with me?

Alright, here we go: So the first chapter actually rocked. You jump right into the action of zombies in Victorian Era Philadelphia.

I was totally on board. But then something weird happened. A zombie delivers a message to Eleanor, the protagonist, then walks away. Not typical zombie behavior but whatever. I'll go with it. Anyway, its from her brother, and she concludes this means he's being held prisoner by the zombies. I thought half the deal with zombies was the mindless hunt for brains, not errands.

Blah, blah, blah, the story moves on; her family is out of cash, she needs to snag a rich husband, and she has some dirt on the most eligible bachelor in town, so now they're hanging out as a form of blackmail. In the meantime, the World Expo is in town, and some Spirit Hunters are there to help out with the zombies, which apparently, aren't that uncommon in small numbers, but there's been an epidemic.

Of course, Eleanor enlists their help to find her brother and the spirit that's been unleashed from a party seance gone wrong. She starts helping them, more zombies come, there must be a necromancer controlling them, her brother was studying related stuff so that must be why the necromancer has him. If that wasn't obvious enough, guys her brother went to school with start showing up decapitated, and rich boyfriend thinks he's next. Not too hard to figure out that these are probably the boys she's talked about who bullied her brother, not to mention the sons of the guys who ruined her dad.

Big brother is doing some avenging As far as the romance goes, there were two obvious candidates for the position, and neither one seemed to want the job, nor did Eleanor appear to care. There is a moment with each guy when they're mad at each other, and she's a little bit freaked out cause they're so angry they've grabbed her wrists or whatever, and then she gives some lame internal comment that is like "Ow that hurts, I wonder if this means he likes me," and then the moment is gone.

She mentions thinking about them sometimes, but always in connection with the zombie drama, and only the faintest bit of interest in them personally. Not to be a zombie, but to just pick up his old life 6 years later and be proud of his kid and finally run for city council, naturally. Oh, and by the way, Eleanor suddenly has feelings for the dead bully boy, but darn, he's dead, not to mention headless , so by default that narrows it down to steampunk inventor boy.

They meet up in the street, they argue, then awkward silence. Then, because the story necessitates it, they kiss for a sentence or two, and he says it was a mistake and they go off to stop her brother.

Don't worry, I'm almost done. Brother is having a hard time reanimating dad's skeleton, so he borrows some of Eleanor's spirit power If he's a necromancer that means its in her blood too- obviously , zombie dad kills bro, she takes down dad, and evil spirit swoops into to possess bro's body. Yes, it is mangled by a zombie. And yes, she loses it. That's right, as in amputated. The kicker is, now that she's left handed, her brother has destroyed the town with everybody's dead relatives, the evil spirit is still walking around in his body, the rich boy is dead, her reputation is shot, her family is destitute, etc, etc I'm already exhausted just recapping the story, so i'm not going to waste more time by rehashing the details, but I hope you see where I'm going with this.

In short, this book is dumb; the story is painfully predictable, the characters are flat and boring, and everything in between is contradictory or nonsensical.

Something Strange and Deadly is henceforth going down as one of the three most idiotic books I can't believe I've read the others being Torn and Article 5 , all infamous for making me want to scratch my own eyeballs.

Jun 17, C. Drews rated it really liked it Shelves: Gosh, how do I even sum up this book?! I mean, it sounds like a freaky book, right? I spoke too soon. And it has zombies. Zombies and necromancers and dynamite and googles. Terrific, right? Oh, yes. Set in an alternate universe early 20th century , Gosh, how do I even sum up this book?! Set in an alternate universe early 20th century , it has gears and inventions and googles, loooove the googles. Throw some chomping Dead in there, and you have a seriously cool novel.

Steampunk zombies? The style is prim and proper, befitting, of course, the date. I loved the tone! But the writing? Top marks. The characters. They were all well written!

Yup, another year-old, but you know what? I mean, she was, but in a different way. She was stiff and all victim-of-circumstances at the beginning. The loooove interest?

Okay, well, I doubt you can call him a love interest. I loved his voice. Cockney accent? What is not to love? He was real. And had a cockney accent did I mention that? I admit, I saw the plot twist coming. I loved what the author did with the plot though. Twists came thick and fast at the end. Nicely mixed though. It took me a while to get around to finishing, but I still liked it. I honestly have no negativity for this book.

Why the 4-star, then? Otherwise, this is an awesome book. Also, I love the cover. GAAAH, gosh, the cover. Zombies will eat you. The necromancer will get. Nov 13, Zoey Talbon rated it really liked it. Something Strange and Deadly can be a little scary. It can be funny. It can even be sexy. While I was expecting more zombies, Something Strange and Deadly definitely didn't disappoint me. It's a book that you can easily immerse yourself in.

I don't usually tend to read books set in the s because they feel too formal and stiff to me. At all. The setting is perfect the way Dennard portrays it. There's gossip, there's handsome men vying for women's hands, but behind it all, s Something Strange and Deadly can be a little scary. There's gossip, there's handsome men vying for women's hands, but behind it all, someone is raising the dead. Eleanor is one of my favorite female characters. She's just so likable. She's not full of herself, but at the same time she doesn't spend all her time worrying about trivial things like looks.

She's not a genius, she's not the strongest girl you'll ever meet, but that's why I love her. And her relationship with Daniel. There's always a little bit of tension between them. Also no insta! And you all know how I feel about that. The chemistry between the two of them practically leaps off the page. The plot, while slightly predictable, is still enjoyable.

This book starts with a bang in the form of a zombie attack, but the zombies kind of fizzle out after that. The story is more centered around Eleanor's experiences with the Spirit-Hunters and her search for her brother. To be honest, I think the best part about the plot is the way Susan Dennard writes it. It's so easy to get caught up in. My only complaint is that I felt like there were a few scenes that were entirely pointless.

They seemed to have no real use in the plot. Something Strange and Deadly is a surprising novel in more ways than one. With characters that are almost impossible to hate, a setting described perfectly, and an author who knows exactly what she's doing, this is a book you don't want to miss out on.

This book was a guilty pleasure read. This book had it faults- I wish the world building had a bit more to it. I wish some of the characters had a bit more depth like Jie, I want to read more about her. This book is not really steampunk either, which is fine- I just thought I would mention that. Eleanor's mother was so extra and lolzy.

Oh my word.

That seance scene killed me. The cover is gorgeous. Much goth. So for the love of corsets. They are cute together. This This book was a guilty pleasure read.All you Steampunk fans will love this and those who have never read anything from that genre, well this is a good one to start with. Dance of the Red Death. Since I mentioned Eleanor, I do want to say that I enjoyed her character. It has been a tumultuous time for Eleanor Fitt since life as she knew it in Philadelphia came abruptly to an end.

You jump right into the action of zombies in Victorian Era Philadelphia. Now you can read online or Download This book for free.