The Best Of AC/DC (TAB): Askold Buk: Books. The Definitive AC/DC Songbook Guitar Tablature Edition: Angus Young: Books. (Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook). This awesome AC/DC Anthology Songbook and millions of other books are available for site site. Learn more.

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playing positions and Definitive AC/DC Songbook is now more definitive than ever before! Book Only | Guitar or Lute. Do not delete this link. Anybody checked out the various AC/DC tablature books, and know which is the most accurate? I've seen so many books with inaccurate. Acdc anthology guitar tab book. 1. 3: Jul. u 1 A; 2. BACK IN BLACK 16 FOR THOSE Aaour To ROCK (WE SALUTE You) 5 GIRLS Gor RHYTHM.

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Hal Leonard Guitar Play-Along AC/DC Hits Volume 149 Book with CD

View Songlist. This fully updated edition drops less popular songs from the old edition and adds brand new tracks from Black Ice as well as rarities from Back Tracks. Editorial mistakes have been corrected and transcriptions have been improved, taking into account performance videos to ensure complete authenticity of playing positions and techniques.

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Dave Celentano: Ln Guitar solo hold bend AlBERT 8.

W 6 m w you babe, Let me put my love on the line. First touch was too much. W I—3'—I. Additional Lyrics 2.

They told me it was disgustin, They told me it was a sin, They saw me knocking on your front door, Saw me smile when you let me in. I - R 1.

Mon - ey talks. I43 8va——— L Come on, come on, lis - ten to the mon - ey talk. G5 Q Mon-ey talk. Night prowl - er. C I I'm your A. D5 Csus2 D5 t. Got an- II -'4 I: So then I'll just keep guitar 1 SON PTv.

AC/DC: The Definitive AC/DC Songbook-Updated Edition: Guitar or Lute

We the time. Ill -vu. III Ill Z'lIl il. I—— I I. I22 ua. VV pi-I. See additional lyrics ver by the juke — box, Lots of some-thing to sell.

G5 me A5 She told C5 prioe? Shot down in flames: I02 C5 D5 G5 A5. Shot down in She might want my money, I really don't care. Say baby, you're driving me crazy, Laying it out on the line. SON Prv. Um, made it hard to stop. Got too much, Squeal- er. Luv ex ZCjC Zmjj. T'1 I. T Ra I Q1 Rhythm figure 3 I I. Z1 jjjjjjjjj Zj1jjjjZjj1ZjjZ1 ,: Thun - der, ah. Thun - der!


I knew. T Yeah, the la - dies were too kind. Il' ll!

Guitar solo E5 B5 A5 E5 come a - gain please? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Thun -der - struck.Voice Accessories. Give it try. Double Bass. SON Prv.

Quantity is required. Tue, May 27, pm I got the "Plug me in" Song book by them.

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Lead guitarist Angus Young's frantic fast fret mastery is evident on most of their tracks and his style has been much imitated by players the world over. Guitar-Tab Edition. Guitar solo E5 B5 A5 E5 come a - gain please? String Accessories.